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Many organizations have written reports on the shortcomings of current chemicals policy efforts and on the need for a new regulatory system that would more adequately protect our health and the environment while supporting a robust chemical industry.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) and various non-governmental organizations have written extensively on chemicals policy issues, many of which can be found at the links to the right. For older reports, also see our Archive.

Independently Produced Reports

Cross Cutting Effects of Chemical Liability from Products

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors


Presents an analysis of chemical liability issues that may be increasingly important as investment drivers and which pose crosscutting effects across industrial sectors.

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Green Chemistry in California: A Framework for Leadership in Chemicals Policy and Innovation

California Policy Research Center, University of California


The report makes the case that a modern, comprehensive chemicals policy is essential to placing California on the path to a sustainable future. Problems associated with chemicals are already affecting public and environmental health, business, industry, and government in California. On the current trajectory, the coming years will see these problems broaden and deepen. Correcting these problems will require much more than isolated chemical bans and other piecemeal approaches that currently characterize the Legislature’s efforts in this arena. Rather, a comprehensive approach is needed that corrects long-standing federal chemicals policy weaknesses and builds the foundation for new productive capacity in green chemistry—the design, manufacture, and use of chemicals that are safer for biological and ecological systems.

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