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Green Chemistry & Sustainability

Growing the Green Economy: A State's Guide to Creating Opportunities for Green Chemistry and Design for Environment

May 2009
A joint report by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable and the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council outlining options for states to successfully promote research, development and application of these approaches to eliminate or reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing and to promote a green economy.
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Advancing Green Chemistry: An Action Plan for Michigan Green Chemistry Research, Development, and Education

September 2008

A strategy by the state of Michigan to promote research, development, and commercialization of innovative and practical technologies that prevent pollution through cleaner, cheaper, smarter chemistry.

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Achieving Sustainability: The Interplay Between Green Chemistry, Regulation and Industry

June 2005

in European Proposal for Chemicals Regulation: REACH and beyond (proceedings of the international workshop, Paris, June 15th 2005), C. Weill, Editor. 2005, IDDRI: Paris, France. p. 56-60.
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The US Experience in Promoting Sustainable Chemistry


An outline of the federal and state level regulatory systems and an examination of lessons learned from them.
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