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Chemicals Policy Reform

The Importance of Implementation in Rethinking Chemicals Management Policies: the Toxic Substances Control Act

June 2011

This report illustrates that the successes or failures of TSCA are not simply an issue of statutory language but that many other factors play a part such as political influences, administrative hurdles, and available resources.
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The Challenge of Substances of Emerging Concern in the Great Lakes Basin: A Review of Chemicals Policies and Programs in Canada and the United States

September 2009

This report was commissioned by the International Joint Commission (IJC) Work Group on Chemicals of Emerging Concern in order to assess the ability of existing policy structures to identify, assess, control, and prevent exposures to chemicals of emerging concern in the Great Lakes.
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State Leadership in Formulating and Reforming Chemicals Policy:  Actions Taken and Lessons Learned

July 2009

This report examines states’ efforts in reforming the way chemicals in commerce are managed and analyzes chemicals policies that have been proposed or implemented at the state level.
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Chemicals Policy for the Future

January 2009
Presents a sketch of a very different approach to chemicals policy than that constructed in the 1970s. The passage of time has allowed us to recognize the flaws and limits of the conventional approach. Now, some forty years beyond the 1970s we have arrived at a good point to reconsider and redesign the nation’s chemical policies.
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Toxic Substances in Articles: The Need for Information

This report contributes to the continued discussion on the various measures needed to achieve improved chemicals management at national, regional and global levels, by exploring the benefits to be gained from information on chemicals in articles.
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Options for State Chemicals Policy Reform: A Resource Guide

January 2008

This report outlines a range of options to help reshape and reorient chemicals management policy at the state level so that it more effectively protects health and environment while stimulating innovation, and safer chemistry and products. The options provide tools and examples of strategies to gather and share information through supply chains; facilitate more effective prioritization and action on chemicals; promote assessment and application of safer alternatives to problematic chemicals; and support research and development of products based on green chemistry.
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Presumption of Safety: Limits of Federal Policies on Toxic Substances in Consumer Products

February 2008

This report identifies four reasons why the regulatory system for protecting the public from toxic substances in toys and other products is inadequate, allowing potentially harmful products to end up on store shelves.
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Making Chemicals Safer

April 2005

An outline of various approaches to reducing chemicals hazards.
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Framing a Safe Chemicals Future


A summary of discussions and options considered at the Lowell Center's April 2005 conference, "Framing a Future Chemicals Policy" in Boston.
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Integrated Chemicals Policy: Seeking New Direction in Chemicals Management

October 2003

This briefing paper presents an overview of the problems of current chemicals management efforts and the need for a new approach. It summarizes efforts moving forward in Europe, the United States, and internationally on integrated chemicals policy.
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Precautionary Chemicals Policy Initiatives in the United States

October 2003

An overview of several of the more innovative chemicals policy initiatives at the local, state, regional, and federal level in the United States.
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The Promise and Limits of the United States Toxic Substances Control Act

October 2003

Presents an overview of the Toxic Substances Control Act and its limitations.
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