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Alternatives Assessment

Alternatives Assessment Framework of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

July 2006

Developed with the goal of creating an open source framework for the relatively quick assessment of safer and more socially just alternatives to chemicals, materials, and products of concern.
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Designing Safer Alternatives: Chemicals, Materials and Products

July 2005
A meeting summary from 2004 LCSP Alternatives Assessment meeting.
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Decabromodiphenylether: An Investigation of Non-Halogen Substitutes in Electronic Enclosure and Textile Applications

April 2005

A study which identifies the primary sectors that use decaBDE in the US and substitute flame retardants and materials in electronic enclosures and textiles that meet fire protection standards, assess the availability of these substitutes, delineates examples of where these substitutes are currently used in commerce, and assess the costs of these substitutes where data are available.
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Framing a Safe Chemicals Future


A summary of discussions and options considered at the LCSP April 2005, "Framing a Future Chemicals Policy" conference in Boston.
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The Use of Di-2ethylhexyl-Phthalate in PVC Medical Devices: Exposure, Toxicity and Alternatives

Examines two aspects of human exposure to di-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP): the health risks associated with this exposure; and alternatives to its use. DEHP is a phthalate ester widely used as a plasticizer to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) medical products soft and flexible. PVC is used in a range of medical devices from intravenous (IV) fluid containers and blood bags to medical tubing.
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