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United Technologies Corporation: Evaluating Approaches to Materials of Concern

In 2008, United Technologies Corporation asked the Chemicals Policy and Science Initiative to evaluate and improve their process for managing materials of concern in their products. CPSI staff conducted a detailed analysis of chemicals management efforts to date in one United Technologies Corporation business unit and carried out interviews with five leading companies in different sectors to learn how they were managing chemicals and materials of concern in their products. The companies we studied had business structures that were relevant to United Technologies, including multiple business units, complex supply chains, and intricate product designs.

Interviews provided information on the following topics:

  • How these companies identify, evaluate, and prioritize materials of concern
  • Communicating with suppliers and tracking these materials
  • Management strategies to improve accountability for chemicals of concern
  • Tools for evaluating chemicals of concern and designing greener products
  • Supply chain collaborations to improve environmental and social responsibility in these sectors

Download the case studies written as a result of these interviews below:

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