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A growing number of companies are discovering that the approaches of green chemistry and Design for Environment (DfE) allow for a transition to safer alternatives. The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council enables shared learning about the challenges to and opportunities for this successful transition.

The GC3 was formed in 2005 following the conference, "Sustainable Business and Safer Chemistry Through the Supply Chain: An Innovators Roundtable" hosted by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. The GC3 provides an open forum for participants to discuss and share information and experiences about advancing green chemistry and design for environment as strategies for sustainable supply chain management.

The Council's mission is to promote and support green chemistry and the design for environment approach to research and practices nationally and internationally among companies and other governmental and nongovernmental entities by:

  • Implementing green chemistry, green engineering, and design for environment throughout supply chains and sharing strategies to overcome barriers and reduce environmental footprints;
  • Promoting education and information on safer chemicals and products that can increase demand by a broad range of consumers; and
  • Identifying existing and needed information on toxics hazards, risks, exposures and safer alternatives to promote green chemistry as defined in the “12 Principles of Green Chemistry.”

Visit the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council website for more information.

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